Terms of Service

Vinyl wall stickers, are the ideal way to transform your home, office or room. With free delivery anywhere in South Africa, we love doing custom designs if you can’t find what you like on the website. Chillimoon Design provides products that make home decorating easy, stylish and affordable to any home improvement enthusiast, professional or amateur. Decals have a long history in Europe and has now caught on like a wild fire in South Africa. Vinyl wall art is an ideal way to give character to your home as they are versatile, easy to install yourself and they can be as permanent or temporary as you want them to be. The vinyl stickers can be used in any space, with any theme and the only limit is your own imagination.

How it works:

  • Select a surface: The stickers work best on smooth surfaces that have been painted with good quality paint. It is not recommended to use the stickers on dry walling.
  • The surface must be clean and dust free.
  • Every sticker comes on a paper backing and a clear transfer film.
  • The sticker gets transferred from the paper to the wall with the transfer film. Place it in position, rub it down and voila!

At Chillimoon Design we strive to continuously add new designs to our existing decal collection and to expand the range of home decorating products in the future. You can choose from our existing range or contact us to custom design decals for you.