How it works

To install your vinyl wall art can be done in a few, quick and easy steps, just follow the instructions:

Basic over view:

  • Select a surface: The vinyl stickers work best on smooth surfaces that have been painted with good quality paint.  It is not recommended to use the stickers on dry walling if you are going to make use of application tape. (transfer tape is a clear film used to transfer your decal from the backing paper onto the wall, and is not used in some of the smaller designs but gets used with most of the designs.)
  • The surface must be clean and dust free.
  • Every sticker comes on a paper backing and a clear transfer film, where applicable.
  • The sticker gets transferred from the paper to the wall with the transfer film. Place it in position, rub it down and voila!

Step by step instructions to install your vinyl wall art:

  1. Use small pieces of masking tape to tack the design in position, to insure it is exactly where you want it to be.
  2. Apply a strip of masking tape to the side of the design, using the longest side is the best option.  This  forms a hinge so that you can move the design away from the wall, but keeping it in place.
  3. Now use something like a credit card and rub it hard over the design.  This is to make sure that the application tape gets a good grip onto your vinyl decal.
  4. Hold the bottom edge of the hinged design away from the intended surface and remove the backing paper carefully pulling it diagonally from the one corner.  At this point the vinyl sticker is sometimes a bit temperamental and might need a bit of encouragement from a sharp blade or pin just to help lifting it off the backing paper.
  5. One the backing paper has been removed, the vinyl decal on the application tape can be hinged back, smoothing it out from the side of the hinge. Rub it again with the credit card to make sure it is secure to the wall before you start removing the application tape in a diagonal direction. Again you might have to help it along with a blade or a pin.
  6. Once the application tape has been removed you can go over it one more time with the credit card or a cloth to make sure all the corners are secure and the vinyl decal is secure on the wall.

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How to remove the vinyl wall art when it is time for a new design.

The Vinyl decal can be removed and it all depends on the surface on how easy of difficult it will be.

First try a small section to see how much it is sticking and if it is pulling paint with it or leaving a residue.

If you see it might do some damage, use a hairdryer to warm up the adhesive, this way it will come of he wall easier with out taking the paint with it.  Residue adhesive can be removed with methylated spirits.


Chillimoon Design cannot be held responsible for misapplication or damages caused during installation. If you are not comfortable installing, please contact us for instructions or to give you a quote to install it for you.


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  1. Alison says:

    I am looking for a sticker for my boys bedroom.
    Something really special about being brothers.
    Do you have any ideas and prices please.

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